Speaking engagements



Radio & television

 Appeared on local radio:

  • CJAD Montreal, discussing homeschooling & a case of a family having their sons removed from the home and returned to school. Purportedly for medical concerns. (March 2004)
  • CJAD Montreal, The Tommy Schnurmacher show discussing unschooling my son, & an upcoming march for freedom of education choice. (June 2015).
  • CKUT campus radio, (in French) Éducation Autrement episode.
    Discussing the challenges of schooling, the joy and potential of unschooling, and the various obstacles to creating vibrant free & democratic school alternatives in my province. (November 2015).

 News clip interview on CTV (local) news:

CTV Nightly News. clip interview at a walk for freedom of educational choice. Found at:



    Documentary Web-Series

     Appeared in La Rééducation web docu-series by Mathieu Coté-Desjardins – teacher and education activist. (In French)


    Speaking engagements


    • I have been an invited guest speaker at home & unschooling parent organizations.
    • Guest speaker at an inmate & ex-inmate support meeting. I was told that my talk was the most discussed, as well as most viewed link on their website.
    •  I am often contacted by local parents wanting to learn about home and unschooling in our province, sometimes to help convince a partner, other times to give tips and support.
    • I most enjoy acting as a life & unschooling coach. I plan to develop related workshops.
    • In support groups, community discussions, and social media site, my comments are often appreciated, and more often than not, generate deeper discussions and questions.
    • I have answered requests for online group discussions on unschooling.


    • Homeschooling Association annual conference – on the topic of unschooling and freeschooling.
    • Co-hosted an introduction to Democratic Schools at the Second Annual RÉDAQ conference on Alternatives to Schooling.